One of the most spectacular achievements of modern cosmetics have given the solution to the lipodystrophy, better known as Cellulite.

This alteration occurs following a series of malfunctions in the proper metabolism of the skin.

First there is a malfunction in the circulatory system, blood slows down in the thighs and legs in general, having a tendency to saturate and deposit fat in them. These fat deposits are thus further impeding blood flow, in a vicious cycle that worsens gradually.

The dermis degrades and progressively deteriorates structures. The skin acts as an aged sponge that loses the ability to retain water and becomes lumpy (named orange peel). Today we know how the deterioration that cause this partial destruction occurs, and above all we have the resources, knowledge and skill to repair the skin.

The vegetable world is for the treatment of cellulite, having a formidable source of solutions:

  • Chinese plants such as Ginko, as Visnaga or African kola nut, like fucans algae.
  • Derived plants from silica.
  • Retinol rejuvenation of damaged tissues.
  • Enzymes vegetables to eliminate orange peel.
  • Cinnamon to stimulate the circulation and marine products to dissolve the fat. Combined they form a cocktail of great efficiency with visible effects on the skin in a few days.

Some tips:

  • Avoid tight clothes that hinder movement and especially venous circulation.
  • Moderate the impact of your diet on the skin by eating foods high in antioxidants, such as citrus, fruits and vegetables and avoid stimulants, fast food, sausages with spices and animal fats.
  • Aim for moderate exercise in a regular basis, particularly swimming and cycling as they will be very beneficial.
  • Do not use gimmicks horsehair or punish their skin, not only they won´t reduce cellulite but they will extend the break. Such instruments do not dissolve fatty plaques, only break them into pieces, making the problem worse.
  • Try to drink plenty of water and reduce the consume of salt, this will improve your retention and the possibility of developing cellulite.
  • If you notice the first signs of the appearance of cellulite, apply anticellulite cream daily. Over time the nodules of fat will harden and become more difficult to remove if nothing is done.
  • In treatments for cellulite, constancy is extremely important. Once cellulite is removed you can leave your assigned treatment, but however shoud apply the cream at least once a day during treatment to achieve the desired result.

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