Hair loss


One of the aesthetic problems that cause more distress and anxiety is the hair loss. Baldness and their previous states are seen throughout history as one of the less desirable changes. Both men and women have fought over time is to stop hair loss. Treatments have been innumerable, and the Romans have left us several recipes for strengthening hair and the last two thousand years, many texts that contained recipes for strengthening hair.

Although traditionally the man who has suffered capillary weakness, is now the woman joining the workforce and the exhausting double shifts which is subjected to a greater fall. Being especially after menopause, when the signs are visible most striking.

There are several common causes that motivate the fall, nervous stress, hormonal changes, dandruff, excess fat in the root, the overly aggressive use of products such as dyes or permanent regimes of weight loss, anemia, etc.


To combat the different origins of capillary weakness our laboratory has developed several products that combat the problem effectively restoring hair's health and eliminating the fall.

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