Sun on the skin

Over 60% of the research effort in leading cosmetics is invested in combating and mitigating the effects of sunlight on the skin.

This is due to the enormous commitment that we now know, without doubt, that the main enemy we have on the health of the skin is ultraviolet radiation.

The appearance of wrinkles, spots, lowered defenses, premature aging and skin cancer around the consequences of exposure without adequate protection.

So our laboratory is working hard on developing new products that solve the radiation damage.

The first group of products that we have a vital importance is that of sunscreens. These cosmetics will allow sunbathing without after having to suffer its devastating effects.

The apparition of new filters allows that today, we can protect the epidermis in a holistic manner. In this section we have developed a new type of sunscreen that combines the perfect adaptation to the skin with protection, these are called organic filters. These substances trap radiation like a network, preventing it from reaching your cells.

The skin undergoes solar aggression not only when we are lying or sitting but also when we walk, we bike or do any sport, so it is imperative to protect these activities.

To fix the bone calcium it is sufficient with the amount of radiation received on the back of the hands on a winter day for ten minutes. The rest of the time we are exposed to radiation is unnecessary for our health.

Today we have treatments that completely eliminate stains of the face, thanks to depigmentation creams we´ve developed, but we must always accompany such treatments with high level sunscreen.

There are some very important tips for skin care when we are outdoors:

  • Apply sunscreen at least twenty minutes before sun exposure and repeat application every two hours.
  • Dry the skin after a bath or shower. Water droplets left on the skin act like tiny magnifying glasses that magnify the effects of the sun.
  • If you have acne the sun worsen it, protect it.
  • If you have moles or any alteration always use extreme protection, avoiding possible direct contact with the sun to the best your ability.
  • Try to drink plenty of water and take a diet rich in tomatoes and carrots, it will award a better tan.
  • During the first days use very high protection, then you can gradually lower the protection as the skin gets used to the sun.
  • Take special care in the neckline area, as it is a region particularly affected, where all sorts of diseases tend to appear over time.

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