Fighting aging

One of the objectives of cosmetology is the prevention of aging. Skin is the organ of the human body which most rapidly ages, being in direct contact with the harmful environment.

Environmental pollution, solar radiation and many chemical additives to which we are exposed have a negative impact on our skin. Our cells struggle to protect us from the threats that surround us.

This deterioration we undergo is called oxidative stress. This is increased, besides the causes cited, by nervous fatigue, poor blood circulation or inadequate diet.

This accelerated oxidation manifests itself first in the skin with redness, tightness and dull appearance. Later, the fatigued cells decrease their rate of renewal and the skin begins to age. The first wrinkles appear and our epidermis deteriorates rapidly.

Fortunately, the understanding of the mechanisms of the skin and the investigation of new substances has nowadays enabled us to stop or even eliminate many of the signs of age.

  • One of the most powerful substances in the constant struggle against aging is called Resveratrol, originated in wine. Its action is based on the regeneration of collagen and aging cells.
  • Another substance of an enormous interest is the Kombucha, a Siberian fungus which acts on expression wrinkles similarly to botox, easing the deteriorated myofibers.
  • Centella Asiatica is another plant of great regenerative capacity which in combination with Retinol improves enormously the microcirculation and the venous return, increasing the cellular oxygen supply and favouring the elimination of toxins and free radicals.

An extremely effective combination with visible effects in just two weeks.

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