Aesthetics as an Ethic

Four centuries BC, in the Ancient Greece of Pericles, Plato, a man of talent, dared say that nothing could be considered absolutely righteous if it was not beautiful. It was a nice proposal, but at the time it turned out to be utopian. Twenty four centuries later, science made the dreams of the poet-philosopher come true, or at least become a possibility. A possibility we are hoping to achieve.

Although embellishing oneself, putting on makeup or other fight against the ravages of disease or time is something that has always been done throughout history, it is also true that in most cases, the cosmetics used did no more than offer an illusion. Today, science allows us to offer, not illusions, but realities; limited realities, but tangible, authentic and valuable realities, less fascinating than those fantasies, but more useful and reliable. Maybe this reality has somehow put an end to those dreams and illusions created by the old products, but we think that from this new reality will come a new fantasy more sound and brilliant.

Revisiting Plato´s idea that nothing or no one is righteous if not beautiful, we think we have the responsibility of making this happen, that is why we are working on it, and will continue working on it.

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