Our working system


It is eminently human because it is made to human measure. We don't produce large quantities, our volume of product is adapted to our volume of consumption, this is possible because we manufacture, pack and sell, the time between the start of the production and the consumption of the product is both in time and space, scarce. Constant attention allows us to regulate the products in order to prevent them from ageing, the amount preservatives used is minimal.

Our type of semi-handmade manufacture allows us to select each and everyone of our raw material, guaranteeing absolute purity. On the other hand, our direct contact with the public keeps us aware of their necessities and we have products for every condition: we prepare more than 700 different formulas.

This system of work, unusual in today´s world, but undoubtedly efficient allows us to ensure the efficacy of each and every one of our products. It is also this method that allows us to incorpórate rapidly the last scientific discoveries in our cosmetics, which we gather from International Congresses and our research department.

We believe this system to be successful due to our professional integrity and scientific rigour.

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