Our history - Cosméticos Paquita Ors

Paquita Ors Cosmetics is, as well as a company, the triumph of an idea and a way of understanding the world of cosmetics.

Paquita Ors, its founder and current president, is and has always been a one-of-a-kind woman. Although she graduated with a degree in Pharmacy, she has developed her professional curriculum in various different fields, but all of them have something in common: improving quality of life. After she finished her studies at University, she began to work in her own chemistry laboratory. This laboratory was located in a very popular neighborhood in Valencia, where she could have contacts and access to the reality of cosmetics. This later had an enormous importance for her future success in dealing with skin problems and deficiencies.

In a time when cosmetics were just being developed, and when health (and even dietetic deficiencies were common), she saw the need for products that could help her clients, most of whom were workers, to protect and take care of their skin. These products had to be efficient and inexpensive. With this in mind, she designed and created her first cosmetics using primarily handmade methods.

After this, her life has been guided in diverse ways, but always related to cosmetics. For example, she excelled in decoration and then became an image adviser, achieving great success. Through all this success she maintained her interest in skin care and skin care problems and solutions.

The 80’s were in many ways a golden age for cosmetics. On the one hand, there was a great advance in studies about the metabolism of the skin, the ways of penetrating the skin, and the effects of the active principals of going deeper than the epidermis.
On the other hand, a great number of extremely pure raw materials appeared. Most of them came directly from the pharmacy field. But above all, the ways of extraction, standardization, and purification of plant extracts were perfected, which facilitated the use of botanical active principals with absolute control.

In this exciting time of innovation and discovery, Paquita decided to create a company, conceived in an industrial way but always on a small scale, producing cosmetics of high efficiency and keeping them at a reasonable price. To achieve this, she avoided exaggerated packaging, flamboyant shelf displays, expensive (but unnecessary) dispensers and big advertising budgets, as other big firms did, thereby avoiding the spectacle without substance that often surrounds other cosmetics. She placed her trust in the power of her products, her production methods, and the careful analysis of the skin. It was, and is, a successful formula.

In terms of the skin, the result of a treatment is noticed, not only by oneself but also by others.
At the end of 80’s, her son Jerónimo joined the company as the technical manager, improving the lines of research and investigation. The company is now producing and continuing the development of more than 700 different products.

During these years, Paquita Ors has regularly appeared in the media, and for more than a year now, has broadcasted her own program about cosmetics in TVE. She has also collaborated with RNE on radio programs regarding the uses of cosmetics and she frequently writes articles related to cosmetics in several newspapers.

In recent years she has received many proposals from big firms to commercialize her products on a big scale, but Paquita Ors has kept her firm conviction in the personalized, customized methods that have made her company successful and kept her clients delighted.
This is the reason why her products are only sold in her own shops or its franchises, always with a firmly established method of analysis and diagnosis of the skin beforehand.

Currently, Paquita Ors Cosmetics Company owns shops in Zaragoza, where the lab is also located. The company also has shops in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Salou and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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